Hotel trade

A good impression at all times

"You'll never have a second chance to make a good first impression" says the proverb. That's why Samsic Emploi attaches the greatest importance to the know-how and behavior of its candidates.

The warmth of the welcome and service offered to our clientele, as well as service and installation techniques no longer hold any secrets for our employees. They can therefore immediately adapt to the requirements of the various types of establishments and clients: the luxury hotel trade, the traditional hotel trade (tourism and business), restaurants and staff canteens, the hospital environment, private individuals (service at home) and the authorities both local and national.

Impeccable courtesy, discretion and hygiene are part of the key skills of our candidates. In addition, of course, to speed and efficiency!

Moreover, being accustomed to large volumes and urgent work, Samsic Emploi can perfectly well organize a team of over 200 people for an event in record time. Thanks to its experience and professionalism, Samsic Emploi will always give you more than complete satisfaction!

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