Service sector

The art of judicious placement

It sometimes only takes a faulty cogwheel to cause the whole mechanism to seize up. That's why Samsic Emploi takes the greatest care to find the candidate who corresponds exactly to the post.

The success of a company or an operation depends in large part on the employees who occupy the key posts. For Samsic Emploi, however, all our posts are important. This is why we give proof of the same demands at all levels of the company, whatever the post and the field involved.
The way in which we proceed is strengthened by our in-depth knowledge of our clients and the applicants.
Our consultants indeed invest time to get to know the company, in order to make the fullest assessment of its needs and to capture its essence. In addition, our rigorous evaluation of the candidates makes it possible to detect their skills, their needs, their desires and their motivations very precisely. This stage also includes a meticulous check of their professional career.

Thus, Samsic Emploi is able to suggest the appropriate person for a given post, both on the basis of their professional ability as well as on their psychological attitude. And that is the art of judicious placement.

Each proposal is accompanied by a detailed file on the candidate as well as an evaluation.

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